Gourmet Mokai Ltd.

Location: Mokai, North West of Taupo
Produce grown: Tomatoes, Capsicums

Gourmet Mokai Ltd is a joint venture between Gourmet Paprika Ltd, Tuaropaki Trust and the Hauhungaroa Trust and was established in 2002.

At Gourmet Mokai, we strive to continuously improve our sustainability model. In order to do so, we minimise the use of sprays by implementing Integrated Pest Management through biological controls from Zonda Beneficials. Glasshouses are heated by the local geothermal field. CO2 from the Taranaki gas fields is also used to support plant growth.

Our campari variety is grown as a winter crop in glasshouses under LED lights. These lights help increase production during the cold weather, as well as improve its taste and Vitamin C level.