NZ Gourmet Associates

We love supporting New Zealand companies. We ensure our relationships have mutual respect making it easy to work alongside each other.

Eden Orchards Juice

Eden Orchards is a family established company owned and operated by the Bignell family. In 2018, Eden Orchards decided to form a joint venture with New Zealand Gourmet. This company produces natural cherry and blueberry juices which have many health benefits.

The partnership with Eden Orchards helps us achieve our sustainability goal of reducing waste while providing the market with an exciting product. For more information about Eden Orchards and where to find them visit

New Zealand Superfund

In 2018, New Zealand Superfund invested in the Gourmet group of companies. The capital from this investment has been used to help build and grow the company both locally and offshore. As part of New Zealand Superfunds long term investment policies in the agricultural industry, we are happy to have their support and stability in our company.

New Zealand Superfund is part of our strategy to have a committed company as a local corner stone investor. We look forward to growing our company with them, further in the future.

For more information please visit

Tuaropaki Trust

Tuaropaki Trust entered a joint venture as a 25% shareholder to form Gourmet Mokai, near Taupo. Our 12 ha climate controlled glasshouse was built on Tuaropaki land in December 2002.

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Hauhungaroa Trust

Hauhungaroa Trust also has a 25% share in the joint venture of Gourmet Mokai. We enjoy the sound partnership.