NZ Gourmet Global

Our mission is To Provide the Best Service and Produce to Our Customers Worldwide Through Our Continuous Commitment in Quality and Food Safety.


Australia Gourmet Ltd is a subsidiary of New Zealand Gourmet located in Sydney. Here we have an office and distribution warehouse which allows us to monitor, control and distribute our import arrivals successfully. Having this facility in Sydney close to the Flemington Markets, with our own staff onsite, allows us to ensure that top quality Blueberries and Asparagus are consistently delivered to our customers.


We export a range of different products to Japan. Capsicums, tomatoes, cherries, leeks, persimmons and blueberries are constantly being exported all year-round. The continual growth of exports into Japan has resulted in Gourmet Japan being established. A distribution centre at Narita Airport has allowed us to maintain strict quality control on our products with the ability to repack produce if necessary.


Gourmet Trading was established in 1982 by the Martin Family and has been importing and distributing throughout the United States. The company specialises in supplying fresh Asparagus and Blueberries year round. They have also partnered with growers in North and South America, Canada and Australia. To find out more about the operation visit